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Kay Herbst Helms

Hope Cook Gallery
Jan 12 - Feb 18

Lois water sat curves 4 2 flt shp 11x14 IMG_3910 print.jpg

 I have seven grandchildren and five great grandchildren and I am troubled about the world we are passing on to them.  So many of our country's decisions seem to be made in favor of the economy and large corporations without considering the consequences to our environment, our water, and our people.


Water is the foundation of our existence from our beginnings in a watery womb to our ends when ice is all we can swallow.  All the water we have now is all the water we will ever have. In the midst of the covid crisis it seemed that many people took time to be outdoors in nature.  We also drove less.  This proves that we can make changes to our lives for the benefit of ourselves and our great grandchildren's future.  


So please, enter this exhibit with a receptive mind and allow yourself to think about water and your connections to water in a mindful way.  I hope you will become filled with gratitude at the miracle that is water.  I also hope that you will commit to doing your part to make our water healthy and abundant for all.  May we honor our water and become water protectors of our life-sustaining gift.   

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