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Three Printmakers, Multiple Processes

May 25th - June 24th
Reception: Friday June 23rd 5 - 7pm

Three amazing printmakers show together in the Hope Cook Gallery:

Denise Friesen

Monotype is Denise Friesen’s chosen medium. Her images are created by painting with printer’s ink or watercolor on a surface; and then the painted image is transferred to paper either by manually rubbing or running it through an etching press. Details in printer’s ink, watercolor or pastel may be added and the print may be pulled a second time through the press.

Joel Moline

Joel Moline is a St. Peter printmaker specializing in wood engraving. Wood engravings lend themselves to very fine detail and are usually small and intimate images. Joel’s wood engraving images are cut into end-grain type high hard maple blocks. A variety of engraving tools, burins, are used to cut the fine lines. After transferring the image onto the block the block is toned so cuts can be seen, after cutting the image into the block the block is inked, paper is placed over the block, and run through a press.

Brad Widness

Brad's work is driven by an abiding fascination with the interior landscape of memory and imagination, coexisting with the physical spaces in which we daily move and act. The urban and rural landscapes of the Midwest along with the everyday interior environments of our dwellings provide him with a continual source of inspiration.

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