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Craig Groe

"Random Notes"

This show represents 40 years of artwork created between 1982 - 2022.  


Although this is not a retrospective, more like a survey of assorted pieces, what is displayed here is indicative of the type of image making I've done over many years.  Looking at this show may give the impression of my drifting toward an emphasis on abstract imagery.  That may be true to some extent, however, I've always made figurative and abstract work, simultaneously, since my early days of painting in high school.  Often times mixing the two.  Cartoon drawing has been a constant for me since around age 8 or 9.


After 28 years working at KEYC-TV as a commercial writer/producer, I'm planning on enjoying my retirement with new art projects, as well as continuing a long-time association with the Carnegie Art Center and involvement in local music and theater. 



Craig Groe is an artist, musician, video writer/producer and theater director living in Mankato, MN.


I was born in Austin, MN, graduated from Austin High School and received a BFA degree in painting from Mankato State University (now Minnesota State-Mankato).


In painting, I generally work in an improvisational fashion to develop my imagery.  Without a preconceived idea as to how the painting will develop, I push back and forth between abstraction and figuration to create the image through intuitive means.  The final result relies on a decision-making process using the formal properties of line, color and shape to determine whether the image becomes figurative, abstract or containing elements of both.  My style is strongly influenced by expressionism, surrealist automatism and abstract expressionism.

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